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How we did our boats vinyl headliner [Yacht Refit & Restoration 7 days 45] (Ep.54)

We fill up our saloon sole with some foam. Go for burgers at Nelson Mandela Bay yacht club. Clear away yet another established of hatch frames. Begin using down the foamilite templates and getting them protected in Vinyl. We fill in the gaps between our hull and window frames for a superior complete and this way we don’t get the new windows we will be installing total of epoxy & Ricky examination paints the deck that we fixed and epoxy primer.

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  1. Looking amazing guys. thanks for another awesome episode . Best day of the week 😁

  2. Just want to say thank you for uploading. We are refitting our boat as well and you guys are giving me lots of ideas. We appreciate it. We just dont do a whole lot of video uploads. Good luck and hope to see you out there.

  3. I know I,ve said it before and I,m going to say it again , The interaction between you's pair and Moses is priceless . The look on Moses face while looking at that hamburger and when he was looking at all those tools , (just love it), The amount of work that went into the head-liner was incredible. Thanks for the journey yous guys

  4. looks like thing are going well keep it up and have a great as well

  5. A lot of work on those linings hey. I did my powerboat once and that was a mission. But she will look good

  6. man that vinyl stuff costs an arm and a leg over here… i bought 2m x 1.4m piece, and it was something 120€…. i think i´m being ripped off… nice job, i was hoping to see sunlight inside the cabin in this film….

  7. Weer bedankt voor de video, pasoas! Dat vinyl zit er strak op! So what about the front window? 🙂 Die van ons is ondertussen geseald. En nu maar hopen dat hij waterdicht is!
    Groetz, Wim

  8. headliners look good, nice and light weight.
    the vetus pump filler cap is not meant to seal as it has a slot cut in it to allow for air and fluid expansion and contraction.

    when re commissioning the hydraulics be super careful not to get any dirt or bits in the oil.
    also using a hose barb fitting to fit in the top of the pump with a pipe to a upside down 2 liter coke bottle works better than a funnel for filling large amounts of oil.

    on the ram use 2 clear tubes on the purging valves to a coffee jar with hydhralic oil in it when you purge all the air out the system to avoid mess and sucking air back in.

  9. a lot of work on, but very nicely finished with that vinyl .. I understand everything you say to Moses in Afrikaans, that's cool .. again a good vlogg, as usual 👍🏻up from me.

  10. Another great video, thinking getting the steering means Simone is going to crane that boat back into the water soon 🙂

  11. It is always good when Moses is happy. Another great video!

  12. Just give your TITLE a check for Grammar! How we did our boat's vinyl headliner

  13. Great vlog but please wear some eye protection when mixing chemicals

  14. Once again, a GREAT VLOG! Sincerely hope that one of the Boatbuilding companies hire ole Moses after lady Africa is launched. That guy is so keen on everything he does! BTW Ricky, didn't you get 'Goofed' from the glue fumes….. did something similar once and had a hellava Babalas after!! 🙂

  15. Good episode Ricky look like you was having a problem with that 1+1=equation lol

  16. I cant imagine building a cat like that from scratch, it would take forever

  17. Perfect job and a perfect time for upload. Just have defrosted my wife's car before she went of for work and now I am sitting with a cup of hot coffee and watch your video:-) Happy boatbuilding. Torben


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