Sailing Yacht

Creating my steel sailing yacht Ep.21 Very first bulkheads & “toggle=joggle” adhere

WOOHOOO! I make a start off on developing the bulkheads for the for’ward V berth,..
I also introduce and demonstrate a Quite ingenious boat developing tool – the “toggle = joggle adhere” !

There were being lots of explanations why, but the do the job stopped,…
Nevertheless, the do the job has re-begun, luckily, and I am on an thrilling journey to complete Mistress and then go on my sailing adventures,…
I hope that you can be a part of alongside with me!

Music thanks
Imaginative Minds & Funkysuspense

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  1. Instead of using a table saw you should look into a track saw which is safer to use in cutting sheets and better for tight spaces to work in….

  2. What a brilliant invention the toggle stick wow so clever.

  3. Must be great building interior after all the painting. Looks good also! A little tip with future templates, i like to make the biggest one first so I can reuse the same material for a smaller template. Thanks for sharing

  4. Savage stuff man, you have no idea how much these vids help me out, that toggle stick is a life saver.

  5. Show the making of your Toggle, nothing long just a quick one to show measurements of the steps ..

  6. I would set a vertikal plum in the centreline of the boat and measure to the sides from there. the toggle stick is super

  7. Mate im so happy seeing you getting away from the steel work & breaking out the wood work tools I can only imagine how bloody happy you are brother..hows the toggle stick WT 👌 & the lazer priceless.

  8. What year did you start building Mistress ?


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