Sailing Yacht

Building my steel sailing yacht Ep.5 The inside of painting WAS my Nemesis!

The boatwork momentum is making and Eventually I get some inside of paint on! Hard do the job is spending off and I am LOVING it!

There ended up several explanations why, but the boatwork stopped,…
Even so, the do the job has re-began, thankfully, and I am on an remarkable journey to end Mistress and then go on my sailing adventures,…
I hope that you can sign up for together with me!

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  1. hey bro wouldn't it be better to sandblast the inside before paint yeah it involves a mess to clean up afterwards but the course surface left is a better surface for paint adhesion. Just a thought, I use to be a welder fitter and we'd sandblast all our carbon steel afterwards and blow it down or vacuum really well and its ready for primer and paint. Bye the way your boat looks fantastic.


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