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If you were being going to dwell on a boat, what boat should you invest in? What is the excellent boat? In this how-to movie about shopping for a liveaboard sailboat, we solution numerous of the questions we are frequently requested about boat-shopping for and what can make a good cruising boat. Website link TO Released Tutorial:

We were being encouraged by the numerous folks who get in touch with us seeking to know what can make a good liveaboard boat, and we hope that this guide will go some way to pointing anyone with even just the glimmer of a dream in the ideal way.

We have broken this matter into 7 points, in this article are the time codes:

01:19 Do your investigation
04:00 Bluewater vs lightweight
07:08 Which construction
twelve:34 Mono vs cat
13:30 New vs secondhand
14:forty eight Does sizing make a difference
15:38 Mechanics of shopping for a boat

So, if you have questions like, what is the finest cruising boat, what can make a good liveaboard boat, and what is the finest liveaboard boat, check out this movie!


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Bamboo boat tour:

Cat v Mono:


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  1. Link to the two guides here!

  2. Very informative! Me and my partner are looking at buying our first boat as soon as possible, will be using this information carefully. Thanks

  3. Great job, I've subscribed, thanks for the tips!

  4. Excelent video………… Thank you……………
    How do you feel about replacing the deisel engine with an electric motor / generator / solar ?

  5. You are now on vacation and in the movie business. What's great about what you're doing is that you have no competition but yourself. Great creativity and humor, and great scenery makes it all happen. Holly Wood with their guns and explosion are the losers, and have been for some time. People will continues to flock to those channels like yours and others. I fully realize how much work it is to edit these final cuts but the satisfaction is enormous. Lots of love.
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  6. Cant beat wooden masts. I would much rather a timber yacht than a glass fibre. Maintenance depends how you apply yourself, and your advise is so wrong. With glass fibre with your reinforced superstructure, over time with condense, everything rots. If you have choice, and familiarise yourself with how to maintain, you cannot go wrong with wood. I used to have mine back in the water while you polyester brigade were still putting on your paper overalls . 😉

  7. you havent talked about Polyester Worm in glass fibre

  8. the best info i have found online so far thanks..and love the cat .. little hello tail.thanks for sharing..

  9. Great video. Good back and forth for steady flow of information. Thanks y'all

  10. Catamarans aren't real boats! REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  11. Say what.. things you need to replace on a new boat. Do these things come with warranties?

  12. Jamie, you mentioned in this video you transported boats for others and learned about pluses and minuses of many different boats. How did you go about getting connected to move boats for other people?

  13. Actually Carbon fiber is great, it flexes better than fiberglass.

    Fiber glass shatters
    Carbon fiber does split in a way, but has more bend than fiberglass.
    kevlar is resistant to shatter and tears from punctures.

    If you combine these together in appropriate combinations you can create the ultimate hull for boats.

  14. i know it is in french, but look at foul sentimental from alain souchon, if you are a live aboard on a small boat you realize what you trade for.

  15. fair play just seen you on here, out of all the people i watch there was one group of showing of costs until you, i watch Delos and the rest but they don't really help us starting like you and Gone with the Wynns brilliant help thanks ::)

  16. No crabs as yet , some of the larger boats go out further and can pick up a small catch, but generally will be another month before we see them in quantity again . Guess what now it’s snowing !, bet you are happy where you are moored at the moment, compared to the UK, regards Mark

  17. Really enjoyed your advice , clearly you have had a lot of experience and it great that you are willing to share it so we can all be a little more wiser on our approach of purchasing in the near future, keep it up, look forward to many more, regards Mark. Cromer , not so warm Norfolk

  18. Good tips. However, there is no such thing as a true bluewater boat, there are, however, true bluewater sailors.

  19. this is very good advice,to keep a person out of trouble,in the short term ,Insurance ,,How much should it cost for a reliable insurance to protect yourself from bashing other boats in the marina or harbor ?

  20. Great Videos and very Important points you made
    Thanks k

  21. Great vid! So sorry brits get reticule for not knowing something. Proper sellers won’t have a problem helping their customers learn something the buyer never learned.

  22. Great advice.Still looking and researching.

  23. I'm 13 but an aspiring boat-liver. I want to do research but once I'll actually get my boat there will be newer versions.

  24. Thank you for sharing these most valuable advices! 8:25, what You are describing is a typical bad insulation problem. It can come from 2 things. 1) The insulation is not thick enough and you get condensation on the internal surface of the boat. 2) There is no vapor barrier or it has been applied on the wrong side. Vapor barriers schould always be put on the warm side of the insulation! That is inside the boat, not against the hull. +1

  25. i do want to sail dive fish and explore the dragons triangle what boat would be recommended for that sea?

  26. whats the best third world manufacturing sailboat corporations i want to buy direct from a very favorable currency exchange rates for usd

  27. I couldn't believe it, I'm sitting here on our boat watching your video. You said, "you don't know their history" and, there was our boat, in a pile of boats, the morning after hurricane Harvey. I spent the storm on our boat. Had a broken leg, nail through my foot, no phone service and wondering how I was going to let my wife know I was still alive. The picture must have been taken after a fire rescue crew, from another state, came and got me. [email protected]

  28. My wife and I are in New Zealand after our Pacific puddle jump and now planning our Indonesia season. Almost all the boating palls we made since leaving California have sold there boats. Four reasons . 1. They do not have the money to maintain there boat and cruise. 2. They are looking for a heavier boat that can handle the weather more comfortably (Generally not a production boat unless its from the 1970’s). 3 They have found that one ocean is enough. 4 they want more room, in 2 of the 3 families they are buying sailing cats. My Wife and I set out on our journey to buy a boat that was comfortable to live on and able to take us through a good storm. We looked at and walked on more than 75 boats, made offers on 2 that didn’t pan out but the boat we “compromised” on has been a great choice. We traveled to California from Seattle to look at 3 boats and the broker showed us a 4th boat that by the time we bot back to the hotel we had made a decision to buy. We bought someone else’s dream and made it ours. Thank you for the inspiration that Followtheboat has given to us and many others around the world…. and darn you for having a lovable cat. We still are not ready for the challenge of having a pet aboard and the Biosecurity hassles that come with the country’s we want to go to. Cheers,

  29. A word to the wise. Hire your own surveyor, not the one the broker recommends.

  30. Very smart and intelligent advice guys amazing thank u so much …..

  31. Great video. Thanks for posting it!

    I am searching now.

  32. Good video, very informative. 5 Stars.

  33. Very interesting video. I had a boat, loved it, lived on it and had some wonderful times. It was, however, a motorsailer so performance was poor compared with the boats you were looking at. I put a video on YouTube when I was selling. You might like to see it.
    "Colvic Watson for sale SOLD but I kept the memories."
    Happy sailing and may you have fair winds wherever you go.

  34. thank you. what is your experience with dufour? Ist it "light" or "bluewater"?

  35. Love you guys…thanks for all the good advice

  36. Hello Jamie and Liz , greetings from Turkey. I follow your boat 🙂 regularly. I have a ' plastic fantastic ' boat 2008 Bavaria 38 cruiser .As you found your boat from Turkey you must have sailed Med. Very unpredictable seas sudden squalls around islands long lasting gales and also these light production boats are brutally used in charter bussiness and they had a very hard life. They use lewmar , volvo-penta, selden , jabsco, raymarine, all other known brands. What I want to say is planning to cruise around tropics you should consider the season and in my opinion you dont need so called bluewater boat. These kind of boats are not only expensive but also rare to find and very old.I watched the videos of refitting Esper . Not easy and not for everyone. İn my opinion buying a new light boat is better than buying an old bluewater boat.You dont consume your time and money .You can easily untie your lines. Taliscer Atlantic Challange they row the ocean. Finally if you have money to buy a fancy boat no problem .İf you dont than you can prepare your plastic for cruising. Thanks a lot for sharing your sailing life with us , all videos are full of great lessons. Appriciated

  37. Carbon fibre doesn't shatter.

  38. thanks guys great advice

  39. Very thorough tips on how to buy a liveaboard sailboat, well presented and organised. I especially enjoyed the last few tips on how much you should offer and the kind of money you should keep aside. You never want to offend anyone but don't want to overpay either. We had some experiences with both sellers that did not want to lower their offer, or were really emotionally attached to their sailboat along with untrustworthy brokers. Keep up the great videos, you are absolutely inspiring.

  40. Thanks for a great video…any opinions on center cockpit vs. rear cockpit, any significant differences on sailing characteristics???


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