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Actuality Of The Sea Aspect three (Yachts & Fishing Boats In STORMS Compilation)

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footage of yachts and fishing boats & other small vessels
in storm problems.

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  1. Back in my sailboat days (old fart now) I’d been out in fairly heavy weather a few times. We’d be running a small storm jib and heavily reefed main. I would volunteer eagerly to be on deck watch because I didn’t do very well below decks when we were getting tossed around like a cork. I was able to handle the heavy stuff much better by being on deck feeling the cool, wet spray. But I don’t think we’d ever been out in waves bigger than maybe three-to-four meters—still a bit hairy on a low-profile sailing yacht. Fortunate to never see a really bad rogue wave. Still though, it gets your adrenaline pumping.

  2. Oh my God,

  3. The question for me was always how much sail do you leave out? A seasoned sailor will have things below decks secured and tied down. It is not uncommon for sailors belowdeck to be injured by unsecured gear and people. I have done a couple of bare pole rolls without any injuries. I have come to respect the sea. I do my best to avoid trouble, but it can catch you. I have a descent sized well built boat. She and I have seen some pretty scary seas and come through it with little damage. Probably my biggest worry is for crew embers who are a bit green. They are easy to spot because they do look a dad green🤢🤮. You have to take the time to get them secured so as to not become a loose object being tossed around below decks. One of the things that has worked for me is to bring them up to the helm, and get them secured there. Let them steer the boat an maintain a compass heading, it does help them.

  4. Just imangine the mariniers who used wooden ships in 1300's to cross the oceans

  5. you got to be out of you mind to do this crap. watch the weather it will tell you a storm is coming in plenty of time to get the hell out of there. if your dumb enough to stay out there in that you deserve what you get

  6. Wow, big seas! I was pretty shocked about the guys in the bow of the vessel, @:38 with no gear, shirt sleeves and street clothes, no signs of harness or tether with a huge wave coming on? The bow wave hits the boat and then off to another ship. Did the guy get washed overboard? It sure looked possible to me. I still can’t believe I saw that guy up there so exposed in heavy seas. 👀🙄🤪 Thanks for the great video 👍👍😎

  7. your welcome dude 😉


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