Sailing Yacht

Electric Motors, An Truthful Dialogue — Sailing Uma [Stage a hundred and forty]

A complete Dialogue about Sailing with an Electric Motor!

Subject areas we go over:
. The Boats :09
. The Motor & Batteries 1:53
. Why Electric? four:eleven
. Cooling / Heating six:50
. Electric VS Diesel 8:37
. Charging Setup 14:forty three
. Regen (Charging while sailing) eighteen: fifty seven
. When there is certainly NO WIND 21:53
. Basic safety (Heavy Temperature) 23:twenty
. Long term Programs 31:forty five

[ That includes ]
Sailing Saoirse:
Their Boat: 1971 Pearson 35
Their Motor:
Their Batteries: Chevy Volt Batteries
Their Anchor: Mantus 45lbs

Studying The Strains:
Their Boat: 1978 Endeavour 32
Their Motor:
Their Batteries:
Their Anchor: Mantus 35lbs

Sailing Uma
Our Boat: 1972 Pearson 36
Our Motor: Forklift motor
Our Batteries:
Our Anchor: Rocna 55lbs

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  1. Believe me, the day will come that you will regret not having a diesel. I made a circumnavigation and never had to wait in port for diesel parts.

  2. Thanks for a longer discussion about the electric propulsion system. I have the same Thunderstruck kit in my Pearson 30. The weak link is my 4, group 27, lead acid batteries, but it's enough to get me in and out of harbor, and it's sooooo much better than dealing with the old, Atomic-4, gas engine. I had not heard of Sailing Saoirse, so I'll have to check them out, but I have been watching Learning the Lines for a bit.

  3. You show your ignorance when you make fun of being on a Lee shore. It can happen at anytime, more so when you are relying mostly on sail for power. Electric is OK for docking. Try it in storm Lee shore conditions and see if it will save you.

  4. Come on guys…….green? Environment? All you guys on fibreglass boats? Stick with all the other relevant reasons.

  5. A conversation for fanatics by fanatics.. why not bring in all sides?

  6. I just realized that I've never made it a point to figure out what boat you two have. I'm in the market and about to buy one within the next year. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with electric sailboats. I would love to have one but in my area, having a diesel motor is pretty much mandatory with the currents throughout Puget Sound. I wonder about times when you can't just drift or wait for wind during days without sun or wind to charge everything, how long can you really motor on batteries?

  7. Hey ‘Umans I have an interesting setup to share. Pearson 530 with an Elco 7000 and a Westerbeke 12.5kw genny. Interested in comparing notes?

  8. Hey guy's. Have you seen the new generation of electric sail boats that use their motor/propeller as a hydro electric generator? They can generate huge electrical power(dependent on the size of your motor of course) while you sail and add minimal drag. Electric will be better than diesel in less than 10 years!

  9. Awesome, three of my favorite sailing couples together. I found the video very enlightening with the aspect of eliminating the need for fossil fuels. It’s seems as I have just watch the beginning of a new era, getting back to sailing not motoring. Kudos to all of you, I hope that more will join this endeavor as that is the only way to progressively go forward. Again thanks to all , Dan, Kiki, Jordan, Randi, Beau and Brandy.

  10. Solar sails ?

  11. 👍great discussion! I got rid of my diesel engine over two years ago after it let me down in a very precarious place where I was stupidly expecting it to do its job without fail. More moving parts means more chance for failure… Usually at the most inopportune time. In my case it nearly put me against The Rock jetty in St Augustine. I removed the diesel engine and increased the amount of water I could carry tremendously. Considered putting in electric but before I managed to do it I got quite used to sailing everywhere without any auxiliary form of propulsion.

    Good on you all for sailing first. That's why they put those big sticks and sheets on sailboats after all. 😉

    I know Beau and Brandy and look forward to bumping into the rest of you probably somewhere in the Bahamas as I'm on that same time schedule LOL. Cruisers, go figure.

  12. electric motor only can last few hr max cant cross the pacific ocean to asia if there a emergency….if it a double electric and fuel together it be good.

  13. 👍🏻

  14. Well done guys for changing the world one electric motor at a time. I am rather supprised when sailors are motoring for 16 hours … saw a video yesterday. Not sailing it's motoring.

  15. Hey guys, I'm a big fan of electric vehicles and even work on electric tractors for people. As you say, it's very important to understand their strengths and limitations.

    I think that when you did your original fit-up, you used the motor more or less as you bought it. I seem to remember Dan doing some work on it with a Dremel, but did you guys ever have the commutator turned by a machinist and were the bearings replaced? If not, and if you decide not to replace the motor all together, it might be worth doing to get some extra efficiency. There's a youtuber machinist, Abom79, in Pensacola who is a good guy. Might make for an interesting collab. Cheers!

  16. bonjour, j'ai vraiment plaisir à vous suivre au fil des semaines. Je vous rejoint sur la démarche concernant la sécurité et l'utilisation d'un moteur, c'est exactement ces principes qui me guident. Je pousse le raisonnement plus loin en veillant à repérer les pièges par l'observation et se servir des moyens actuels (GPS cartographie ) comme complément d'information et d'apprentissage. Dans cette philosophie, sur ma pirogue double de voyage (vulgairement appelé catamaran) actuellement en fin de construction, je n'envisage pas de motorisation conventionnelle. Pour l'instant est le blog de la construction. En attendant la mise à l'eau (prévu en mars 2019).

  17. Don’t know much about sailing. But I feel infinitely more informed by questions asked and answered from your experiences and willingness to share. Fun to watch y’all as well. Thanks

  18. Thank you. great conversation, nice to be included.

  19. Can you install a separate regen prop somewhere ?

  20. Your fuel source is also from a million years ago. Lithium is mined and shipped all over the world.

  21. Great discussion you guys! And lots of good information for those of us working on our own electric conversions. Thanks and keep up the awesome videos!

  22. Great for getting in and out of anchorages but try being in the duldroms for a week or two with Electric motor only you may never get out and we will find you drifting in a few years

  23. Just a thought, if your motor generates that kind of heat when running couldn't you figure a way to wrap it in a copper coil and run coolant through it to heat a water heater tank for hot water?

  24. hello. We have the torqeedo poddrive 2.0 on our sailboat for 3 years and it is awesome! no problems at all. We use 2 x12 volt 185 Amp hour lead acid batteries and can sail for about 16 hours at 3 knots. The drive has almost no energy wastage because the is no gears and no real axle. Torqeedo makes more powerful models of the poddrive for boats up to 10 metric tons. its a very efficient system.

  25. Oops, spoke too soon

  26. GREAT conversation and format. Hopefully the naysayers watch this and accept what you three (6 ?) are trying to accomplish. The only issue I have is that a lot of the 'pop ups' flew by too fast to read, but that was solved by going back. Stay safe 🙂


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