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When It All Goes Improper | Sailing the Med | Sailing Ruby Rose

Welcome to the hottest episode of Ruby Rose!

We are sailing the med once again this week and we have three times of sailing to get to our up coming port. We normally say that cruising is all about high highs and lower lows, and this episode offers a perfect illustration of the ups and downs of cruising.

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⛵ About Us: This is us, an Aussie female and a British person and for some rationale, we’ve develop into entirely obsessed with the strategy of sailing all around the planet and sharing our experiences and info as a result of our sailing life-style videos with other individuals.

We achieved travelling all around India, and immediately agreed that instead than “settling down” and carrying out what most normal persons do, we required to travel and journey as a substitute and began our sailing life-style journey stories, because then, we’ve been operating hard in the direction of achieving our desires, and now we’re lastly dwelling them as sailing cruising life-style!

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