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Luxury Yachts for sale – AEON 460 yacht for sale

Luxury Yachts for sale – AEON 460 yacht for sale

AEON 460

Aeon Yachts




This palatial yacht is crafted to cater to your every whim. If you are accustomed to dwelling in good fashion, this is your home at sea. The Aeon 460 shares your conviction that huge locations of space and privacy are a person of life’s greatest luxuries.

Its beam-large staterooms and learn bogs are amongst the outstanding benefits of its gentle but powerful epoxy sandwich development. Alternatively of cumbersome partitions, you will love magnificent views, lavish portions of gentle, and limitless place in which to exhibit exquisite furnishings.

With its streamlined profile and swish kinds the Aeon 460 is a triumph of contemporary yacht design. Resolutely modern day and a challenge to its peers, it will continue to be a uncommon, connoisseur’s privilege.


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