Sailing Yacht

Building my steel sailing yacht Tech.talks #one Intro. & V berth guidance

Around time I have had several people today question about a small far more technical element concerning different points shown in some of the video’s and also have inspired me to possibly put alongside one another some quick video’s to describe some points in a bit far more element.

So in this movie I describe/introduce this and also include matter #one which is detailing the actual purpose of individuals threaded rod bars in the ahead V berth region and why the flat bar ‘stiffener’s’ truly needed far more guidance to do their additional occupation ahead of carrying the V berth components and weight.

There had been several motives why, but the perform stopped,…
Nevertheless, the perform has re-started off, luckily, and I am on an exciting journey to end Mistress and then go on my sailing adventures,…
I hope that you can join together with me!

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New music thanks
Inventive Minds

Thanks to individuals who asked for and inspired me to put this strategy alongside one another and specifically to Kyran!


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