Sailing Yacht

The Maiden Voyage of a Liveaboard Sailboat Sailing to Ibiza Spain

Watch these youthful inexperienced sailors attempt sailing our liveaboard sailboat from Barcelona, Spain to the Balearic islands, dwelling on a boat on anchorage we knowledge a storm and then sail to Ibiza. Sailing for newcomers
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Filmed with the help of Tara Have on & Jackson Peters

Epidemic Sound:
Beat The Violins two – Peter Sandberg
Magnified X three – Gunnar Johnsén
The Fashionable Traveller one – Martin Landström
Salty Breeze two – Martin Gauffin
Beat The Pianist three – Peter Sandberg
Apollo – Johannes Bornlöf
Clumsy Detective 02 – Thomas Lundgren
Limitless Options – August Wilhelmsson
Dropped And Blind – Put up with City
Citadels – Johannes Bornlöf
Catching Tides – August Wilhelmsson
She’s A Badass – Wave Saver
Smokey Grill Guitar 8 – Bo Järpehag
Sad Acceptance – Gunnar Johnsén
The Move – Henrik Neesgaard
Spelunking – Jon Björk
Welcome To Ibiza 5 – Andreas Ericson

Source Audio:
Jordan B. Peterson
Jocko Willink

Camera Equipment
Comprehensive Equipment List:


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