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As we keep on our sail toward Valencia, we come across ourselves sat on deck with spectacular surroundings and quiet seas on a incredibly incredibly hot Oct day. Very little fixes a incredibly hot day far better than a swim and a chilly beer at the close of the day.
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⛵ About Us: This is us, an Aussie female and a British dude and for some cause, we have turn into entirely obsessed with the concept of sailing about the environment and sharing our ordeals and information and facts by way of our sailing way of life video clips with other people.

We met travelling about India, and swiftly agreed that alternatively than “settling down” and performing what most usual folks do, we needed to vacation and experience in its place and began our sailing way of life experience stories, considering the fact that then, we have been doing the job tough toward obtaining our goals, and now we’re lastly dwelling them as sailing cruising way of life!

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